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Quinta-Vaia downloadable Software

J Grade Designs

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Quinta-Vaia challenges your logic and vocabulary skills GOAL Guess the PDA's secret 5-letter word before it guesses yours. INSTRUCTIONS You and the PDA take turns trying to guess each other's secret 5-letter word. The PDA goes first. You tell it (automatically) how many Hits it received. Then you guess a 5-letter word, and the PDA reports how many Hits you received. Hits are the matching letters between the guess-word and the secret word. Use your logic skills to interpret the PDA's Hits. Use your vocabulary skills to think of words that will confirm or eliminate possible letters in the PDA's word. HITS Hits are the matching letters between the guess-word and the secret word. For the secret word CLOUD, the guess word BENDS scores 1 hit. Similarly, CLOUD and GULPS would score 2 hits, and CLOUD and COILS would score 3 hits. SCORING Your goal is to guess the PDA's word quickly, or at least have it guess your word slowly. The game maintains a top-ten score list, and your score is based on how long it took you to guess the PDA's word or how long it took the PDA to guess yours. VOCABULARY You can use any 5-letter word you want, provided the PDA is allowed to use it too. Unlike the original version of Quinta, words with double letters are not allowed. The PDA starts with a moderate vocabulary and learns new words as you play. TOOLS The PDA can suggest a guess word for you if you get stuck. The gamecard is active, so you can draw slash

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